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The ub-cool Team Takes on Spartan 2017… and Wins!

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Dear Explorer,

After weeks of hard training for strength and conditioning, focusing on nutrition and building a team of cool and fun individuals, the stage was set for the ub-cool team to take part in the Spartan Race in Oman.

It is crazy how fast time flies! This is the second year in a row that we have had our awesome team represent the brand.

Through great effort & dedication our team came first in the Open Super competition! We couldn’t be prouder of you all!

Our goal this year was to embrace ambitions, raise epilepsy awareness, and have fun with like-minded-adventure seekers, like us. Our team last year was a humble 6 people from 4 countries.

From friends to family to colleagues and others who had heard about our cool challenges, our team grew: we had 50+ people from 12 countries, with ages ranging from 5 up to 50+ years old!



Spartans are known to be the greatest warriors of all time because they fight right till the end and never give excuses. So, we wanted to encourage people with epilepsy – and, any other disability – to believe in themselves, and know that we all can do much more than we think.

Some of us in the team have disabilities, some of us just want to represent a loved one with a disability, and other team members joined in for the pure adrenaline and fun of being in a cool team. We salute every one of you for getting off the sofa and doing what you can.

We want to encourage our readers to discover who they really are and what they can do. We shouldn’t let fears keep us from playing the game.
Enjoy photos of the ub-cool team in action jumping, climbing, and crawling their way through the obstacles at the Spartan Race this year.



“It was quite an experience and what a way to celebrate my birthday!” – Radga



“This was my first Spartan race but I loved how I fought through my fears and got out of my comfort zone to take part in this race. It feels amazing and I also loved how everyone was united and motivating me throughout the entire race. That sure kept me going till the finalé fire jump!” – Sahara



“This is my third Spartan race and it never seems to get easier. You just keep pushing your body to the limits of what it can withstand. What made this year special was being apart of the ub-cool team and feeling like I belong to something – not just a lone warrior.” – Heather


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Have you signed up for the Spartan Race near you?
If not, what are you waiting for?! Challenge yourself and you’ll be pleasantly surprised!


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Adventurer, ub-cool founder, yoga, Muay Thai and running fan, epilepsy survivor, mother of 2. Medina believes that life is too short to be ordinary..., and that we should seek out adventures!

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