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Wadi Tiwi Adventure Photos | Jan 2018

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Wadi Tiwi

Dear Explorer,

And, that’s a wrap! The ub-cool adventure to Wadi Tiwi in Oman on Jan 5th, with the amazing tour operator, Rove, was a success! We saw new faces on this excursion – an 8-hour day full of off roading, hiking, visiting villages, abseiling, and swimming! Everyone had smiles on their faces, helmets on their heads, and left with memories to last a life time.

Adam Al-Rashdi from the ub-cool team was on site at Wadi Tiwi abseiling down a stunning waterfall!  Don’t believe us? Check out the videos and photos below! Recalling his experience, he says:

“This adventure was unbelievable! I abseiled down a waterfall – it was incredible!”

Wondering what this adventure was all about? Rather than explain it, here are some awesome photos and videos to show you what the January 5th Wadi Tiwi Adventure was all about!
If you love what you see below, consider booking the weekday hike to Tahery Cave. There are no waterfalls involved but you’ll love the outdoors and cave adventure that awaits!
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Wadi Tiwi Adventure ub-cool

Photo Credit | Adam Al-Rashdi

Wadi Tiwi Adventure - Tak

Photo Credit | Adam Al-Rashdi

Wadi Tiwi Oman

Photo Credit | Marc Bertran

Video Credit | Adam Al-Rashdi

Wadi Tiwi trip

Photo Credit | Atefeh Dehghani

Wadi Tiwi Adventure tour

Photo Credit | Khalid Said Mohammed Alrasbi – @96kha

Wadi Tiwi Adventure trip Oman

Photo Credit | Marc Bertran

Wadi Tiwi

Photo Credit | Khalid Said Mohammed Alrasbi – @96kha

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