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Al Mouj Muscat Marathon
  January 27th, 2017
Muscat, Oman

"Your Journey, Your Pride"

The Al Mouj Muscat Marathon, which takes place annually, is one of Oman’s most anticipated events. There are events to fit all ability levels, including the 42.2 km full marathon, a 21 km half marathon, a 10K fun run race. The Al Mouj Muscat Marathon is especially unique in that participants get the opportunity to run through the streets of Muscat and enjoy the beautiful winter sunshine, unhindered by traffic, which happens only once a year!

The Marathon is supported by Muscat Road Runners and organized by Oman Sail.

With the goal of spreading Epilepsy Awareness and helping the Society for the Advancement of Epilepsy Research in the Bonn University, run by Professor Christian Elger, Medina Ilyassova and the ub-cool team are taking part in Al Mouj Muscat Marathon.

Professor Elger, whose main focus is serving those in need of Epilepsy treatment where medical support is not offered, is currently looking to help the people of Ethiopia, where medical insurance is non-existent - the government supplies medical assistance on the lowest levels only and Epilepsy service is missing.

Professor Elger, has explained further about his plan, and shared with ub-cool: "Our aim is to improve the epilepsy-service in a poor country in which patients cannot afford to go abroad. We want to do this by training staff here in Bonn and in Ethiopia. Because the treatment there is very weak, we hope to get scientific information upon disease courses in people without optimal treatment".

By participating in the Marathon, ub-cool's team hope to help raising money to help the Society of Advancement of Epilepsy Research to achieve three of their most important goals:

  • Improvement of the diagnostic equipment at Addis Ababa, Ethiopia
  • Increasing trips (at least annually) of experts (epileptologists, neurologists, etc) to Addis Ababa for educational and treatment advice
  • Invitations to physicians and others (e.i EEG assistants) for a longer educational stay at Bonn University