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Santiago Climbing in Chile

Santiago, Chile
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Starting fromUSD 90

  • climbing chile
  • Prepare your equipment
  • Climbing fast
  • Take a photo before climb
  • Climbing fast

Why we like it ...

On this tour you will learn to climb during the whole day. Participants, in addition to scale, will learn the basic techniques of rock climbing, such as knots, anchorages, equipment order, security, rappelling, how to unequip a route, etc.

What's Included

  • - snack
  • - full equipment
  • pick up and drop at your hostel
  • - guides/ access to the trail

Minimum Age

1 Year(s)


2 Day(s) | Starting from

  • USD 90  for person
Start Time:
  • 1:00 am

Adventure Itinerary

pick up from your hostel.
Access to the trail.
Drop at your hostel.


Santiago Metropolitan Region, Chile
Turismo Patagonia Virgin


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