Sichuan Trek around The Garze & Aba

Chengdu , China
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Starting fromUSD 2586

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Why we like it...

This adventure will leave you wanting more!

Duration: 11 Day(s)

Minimum Age: 10 Year(s)

Price: USD 2586  for person

What you will do...

This trek tour is a special tour to explore and understand nature, culture and geography of ancient Kham Tibet and Sichuan Province in China throughly. The tour will cross both Garza and Aba Tibetan Prefectures in Sichuan. During the journey, you can visit the sacred Mt. Siguniang, experience the simple ethnic life in Danba village, enjoy a hot spring within the snowy mountains, riding a horse on the vast prairie, and other dreamy activities. Most of the road condition of this tour is smooth and comfortable relatively. However, some regions having restrictions on vehicles, therefore, you will be guided to have some leisure and easy trekkings on the scenic trails between the blue and green. Feeling the air in the wind during the tour, all the pressures can be released instantaneously.

What's Included

  • All meals
  • N/A
  • All transports, including Hotel/Airport pickup & dropoff, Private vehicle with driver
  • All accommodation (Extra charge for single room), Professional English-speaking local guide, All activities & entrances fee (Except the exclusion), Travel Insurance

Medical Restrictions & Other Requirements

Destination of our tour is in Sichuan Plateau, which is a plateau at altitude 3000m averagely, therefore, medicine should be prepared against the acute high altitude disease for your safety.


11 Day(s)

  • USD 2586  for person
Start Time:
  • 8:00 am

Adventure Itinerary

Day 1 Start from Chengdu (Airport Pickup)
Tour will be started from Chengdu, you will travel to the west by taking a private vehicle, and you can explore the scenic views in the west of Sichuan with fascinating valleys and mountains on the way. Lately, you will arrive Hailuogou (Sea Snail Ravine) & enjoy a hot spring there between the wild.

Accommodation: Hotel in Hailuogou

Day 2 Hailuogou (Sea Snail Ravine) - Kangding
Waking up earlier to watch the golden snow-capped mountain in Hailuogou during sunrise. Afterwards, you will take the cable cars to the scenic outlooks on the hill for exploring the well-known Hailuogou Glacier (One of the glaciers in the lowest altitude area, also some huge icefalls 3800-4900m in length). Then, you will move to Kangding and stay there for one night.

Accommodation: Hotel in Kangding

Day 3 Kangding - Xinduqiao
The major itinerary in this day will visit the Mule Co-Scenic Area including the Seven-Colour Sea & Mule Co Lake. The major attractions in the scenic area are the highland lakes and hot springs, which are surrounded by the forest, grassland and snow mountains. Having a feeling of heaven within these simple, unadorned and tranquil nature. Afterwards, you will go across the Zheduo Mountain with altitude 4298m and reach to Xinduqiao, a small town with plenty of photographing hot-spots.

Accommodation: Hotel in Xinduqiao

Day 4 Xinduqiao - Danba
You will arrive Danba from Xinduqiao on this day. Danba is one of fascinating villages in China, where the Kham Tibetan creating the marvelous architecture, Danba Diaolou. On the way, you can explore the tranquil Bamei Grassland, majestic Yala Snow Mountain and shining golden Tagong Temple, which group together to form a beautiful picture.

Accommodation: Hotel in Danba

Day 5 Danba - Rilongzhen (Siguniang Mountain)
Taking a vehicle to Mobilising, you can explore the whole view of Siguniang Mountain with the clearest vision. Then, you will be guided to visit Shuangqiaogou (Double Bridge Ravine), the most comprehensive ravine within the region of Siguniang Mountain with snowy mountains and pastures.

Accommodation: Hotel in Rilongzhen

Day 6 Changpinggou (Siguniang Mountain)
There are restrictions on the vehicle road on this day, therefore, trekking and horse-riding will be the major transports and activities. Through the journey in this ravine, Changpinggou, you can visit the tranquil and ancient trails, lamaseries, mysterious lakes, majestic waterfalls 100m tall and weird rocks.

Accommodation: Hotel in Rilongzhen

Day 7 Rilongzhen - Hongyuan
After passing through the valleys with several shining golden rivers, you will start to enter the prairie and visit the Momo local-style dwelling houses on the way before stepping across the watershed between Yangtze River and The Yellow River. Then, you can enjoy the fascinating scene of Yue Liang an (The curve of a moon) in Hongyuan, feeling the air of the Tibetan pasture. It is also available for you to visit the Zhuo Keiji Guanzhai there.

Accommodation: Hotel in Hongyuan

Day 8 Hongyuan - Ruoergai County
This day is the most leisure one, which you can spend the whole day on the prairie and the natural scenes nearby, including the view of Jiuqudiyiwan (The First Bend of Nine Curves) of The Yellow River out of your imagination, and having a walk in the Ruoergai Wetland and Huhu (The Lake of Flower). In addition, you will be guided to reach the highland in Jiuqudiyiwan by horse-riding or trekking for taking group photos.

Accommodation: Hotel in Ruoergai County

Day 9 Ruoergai County - Chuan Zhu Monastery
Entering the regions of mountains and rivers after traveling across the prairie, you will visit the Huanglong Scenic and Historic Interest Area, where you can observe a hundred of multi-coloured ponds. There are water curtain caves, majestic waterfalls, peculiar ponds and others along the Huanglong trail. Finally, you can arrive Huanglong Monastery on the top hill by walking along the trail. However, the Huanglong Scenic Area is located at a relatively high altitude, therefore, be aware of your physical conditions during the whole trekking.

Accommodation: Chuanzhu Monastery

Day 10 Jiuzhaigou Valley
Jiuzhaigou Valley Scenic and Historic Interest Area is one of the well-known tourist sites in China, and you can enjoy the views there for the whole day. You will explore Shu Zheng Gou, Rize Gou and ze Hawa Gou, three famous ponds and streams, by taking a van.

1. It is suggested to enter the Jiuzhaigou Valley Scenic Area at 7:00 am before the peak hour of entry.
2. There are well-constructed trails along the Jiuzhaigou, therefore, it is suggested to have some trekkings on them rather than just taking a van.
3. You can also prepare the lunch yourselves because the restaurants here are very crowd at the lunch time.

Accommodation: Hotel in Jiuzhaigou Valley

Day 11 Jiuzhaigou Valley - Chengdu (Airport Dropoff)
In the morning of the final day, you will go downhill along the Min River and explore Diexihaizi and Wenchuan Earthquake Museum for learning more about the geology, geography and earthquake history in Sichuan Province. It is also suggested to stay longer and wander around in Chengdu if you have extra time, trying some local foods, walking along the special alleys & streets and also visit the lovely pandas.


All accommodation (Extra charge for single room)
All meals
All transports, including Hotel/Airport pickup & dropoff
Private vehicle with driver
Professional English-speaking local guide
All activities & entrances fee (Except the exclusion below)
Travel Insurance


International airfare
Passport and Visa fee
Activities & entrances fee (Yangbajing Hot Spring & Rongbuk Lamasery)
Tips for tour guide & driver


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