Tibet Trekking

Lijiang , China
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Starting fromUSD 3231

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Why we like it...

This adventure will leave you wanting more!

Duration: 11 Day(s)

Minimum Age: 10 Year(s)

Price: USD 3231  for person

What you will do...

This expedition will cover the middle and the eastern of Tibet Autonomous Region. Throughout the trip, you will explore nature, culture and geography of this timeless wonderland. You can visit the plateau lake on the highest altitude, the highest peak in the world, the "Switzerland" in Tibet (Nyingchi), the Yaks in the vast Prairies, the giant cypress of over 2600 years old and other glorious nature scenes. It is a long journey with a trekking trip to the Mount Everest Base Camp. The epic landscape in Mount Everest can be explored face by face, rather than just watching the documentary at home. If you think you have a good physical condition and a passion on the adventure within the wonderland, you should not miss this expedition. www.chinadventuretravel.com

What's Included

  • All meals
  • Medicine & Oxygen cylinder against acute high altitude disease,
  • Round-trip airfare (Chengdu-Lhasa), All transports, including Hotel/Airport pickup & dropoff, Private vehicle with driver
  • All accommodation (Extra charge for single room), Professional English-speaking local guide, All activities & entrances fee (Except the exclusion below), Tibet Travel Permit and other documents, Travel Insurance

Medical Restrictions & Other Requirements

Visitors who having heart disease, severe high blood pressure or severe cold, shouldn't join the tour in Tibet. In addition, the destination of the tour is in Tibet Plateau, the visitors may suffer acute high altitude disease, please prepare some medicine


11 Day(s)

  • USD 3231  for person
Start Time:
  • 8:00 am

Adventure Itinerary

Day 1 Chengdu - Lhasa Airport (or Train Station) Pickup
Lhasa airport (or railway station) pickup firstly, then having a check-in in the hotel, and having a lunch and dinner at the hotel or nearby. In the daytime, you can have the free tour around Potala Palace Square, observing the Chakpori and taking photos on the Potala Palace in a certain distance. The afternoon is good for having a rest to adapt the local climate, environment and altitude. It is welcomed to have a walk and take an experience on the streets of Lhasa at night if you have no discomfort. You can also visit the Tibet Mystery Riddle, Barkhor, where the Tibetans in colorful national costumes and ragged-wearing Tibetans followers walking in the old alleys and streets on the same turning lane. (Suggested to take no strenuous exercise on the first day. Please try not to take the bath on the arrival day. Suggested to eat more vegetables, fruits and drink more water. Avoid to smoke and drink alcoholic beverages. ) (Roundtrip flight/rail is included)

Accommodation: Hotel in Lhasa

Day 2 Lhasa
The second day, you will enter the Potala Palace. Having a walk in the magnificent Lamasery with the pagodas, the corridors and the palaces, butter flavor filled the air, you will fall into a dull entire ancient dream, and involuntarily get lost in those classics, statues, frescoes and legends. It is a history museum, a palace of art, a miracle in the world history of architecture, and also a symbol of the Tibetan people's faith. Afterwards, we will visit the Jokhang Lamasery, which is the world's most sacred temple, being constructed 1350 years ago. It is the oldest temple in Lhasa, but still having the most exalted position throughout the temples in Tibet. One of the highlights of this day is the Barkhor Street. It is the oldest street in Lhasa, a normal road surrounding the Jokhang Lamasery, however, it is called as "Holy Way" by the local Tibetans. Barkhor Street is the encyclopedia of the Lhasa and even the whole Tibetan culture, recounting the history of Lhasa silently.

Accommodation: Hotel in Lhasa

Day 3 Lhasa - MT. Mila (Mira Mont) - Basongco Lake - Nyingchi
In the morning, you will depart from Lhasa, moving towards Maizhokungaar County via Dazi, climbing over MT. Mila with altitude 5013m, and arrive Nyingchi (Altitude 2900m only) finally. The blue sky, the ocher and the white peaks enter your vision here. You can explore Niyang River, which is originated in the Snowy MT. Mila. It is extremely clear with emerald green and white spray, feeling amazing on its beauty on colour. The following is Parsons Lake, its name means "Three rocks & three lakes", completely surrounded by primary forest. Its shape looks like a new moon, it is clear enough to see the reflection of the surrounding snow-capped mountain. There is an island within the lake with a 1500 years old temple on it. Lastly, you will arrive Nyingchi, its name means "The throne of the sun". You can observe the rolling mountains, deep canyons, rivers flowing across the lands and pure lakes.

Accommodation: Hotel in Nyingchi(Bayi)

Day 4 Nyingchi(Bayi) - Brahmaputra - Buddha Plam Dune - Nyingchi(Bayi)
Today will move to the central pier in Brahmaputra Grand Canyon via holy springs and Nyang River observation points after the breakfast. By taking a high-speed boat in the canyon, you can take photos on the scene of the confluence of two rivers and understand the water burial culture there. Rafting is available for you to travel along the Brahmaputra Canyon and several Great Bends on your own expense. Then, you will visit the Buddha Plam Dune, a unique dune topography.

Accommodation: Hotel in Nyingchi(Bayi)

Day 5 Nyingchi(Bayi) - Songdo - Bajietang Prairie - Lhasa
In the morning, you will visit the Giant Cypress Garden, where you can find hundreds of giant ancient cypress tree in thousands of years old everywhere, distributing within an area 200k square meters. Their average height and diameter are 44m and 1.58m. The largest one is over 2600 years old with 57m tall and 5.8m in diameter. You can view the beautiful scenery of the primary forests and Bajietang Prairie along the Nyang Valley on the way, gazing at the Yaks and sheeps on the grasslands with some Tibetan houses in unique style nearby. Entering the region of Nyingchi, you can rediscover the peace, purity and sacredness.

Accommodation: Hotel in Lhasa

Day 6 Lhasa - Gyantse - Shigatse
You will travel from Lhasa to Gyantse along the Gang Bala Snowy Mountain via Qushui across the Yamzhog Yumco Lake, driving on China-India Highway, which is a well-constructed road. The Tibet plateau on the way is the major agricultural regions surrounded by the stunning alpine and lakes. Yamzhog Yumco Lake can be observed from Lhasa along the Lhasa River Valley with altitude 4990m Gang Bala Mountain nearby. The Lake is a plateau lake, altitude 4441m with shoreline 250km in length, being the largest inland lake in Northern Himalayas. It is one of the "Three holy Lakes" in Tibet, including Namtso Lake and Mapam Yumco Lake. Then, you can also visit the Karuolabingchuan (Karola Glacier), recording the geological history by ice and snow, also creating an art sculpture of time. Lastly, we reach to the Tibetan political and religious center, Shingles, which is also the second largest city in Tibet and the land of the ancient residence of the Panchen Lama.

Accommodation: Hotel in Shigatse

Day 7 Shigatse - Lhatse - Tingri - Everest (Base Camp)
Departure from Shigatse to New Tingri County (Xegar) via Lhatse, you can overlook the majestic Mount Everest on the way to Xegar, climbing Gyatso La snowy mountain with an altitude of 5220m. Lhatse is called as "The first shining golden peak", also being known as the origin of Tibetan knives where you can find a knife in good quality. You will move to Tingri after the slightly stay in Lhatse, where you can buy the sea fossil specimens picked up by the local Tibetan children (Tibet Plateau was in the seabed many years ago). After the hardships, you will arrive the area at the foot of northern Mount Everest in the middle of the Himalayas. The surrounding mountains stacked ups and downs, the peaks are majestic, magnificent, holy and dreamy for the human.

Accommodation: Hotel in Tingri or Rongbuk Lamasery

Day 8 Tingri (Xegar) - Rongbuk - Shigatse
This day is the most significant day. You will move to the Mount Everest Nature Reservation Area, visiting the Red Sect Lamasery, Rongbuk, which is established in 1899 with altitude 5154m. Rongbuk is located at the end of Rongbuk Glacier of the northern slope of Mount Everest, which is the temple in the world's highest altitude. Rongbuk Lamasery is only 20km from the top of Everest, where you can observe the world's highest peak face to face. Afterwards, you will have a short trekking to the Mount Everest Base Camp (carriage is optional), feeling the magnificent nature. Many mountaineering experts believe Rongbuk and morning are the best location and time to observe and photo the Mount Everest, watching the most pleasant scenery in your life. Return to Shigatse at night.

Accommodation: Hotel in Shigatse

Day 9 Shigatse - Tashilhunpo Lamasery - Lhasa
Today will visit the residence of the Panchen Lama's Lamasery, Tashilhunpo, which is established in 1447, one of the six major lamaseries of Yellow Sect. You can overlook the whole temple attached to the mountains at its back, temples are adjacent to each other with red walls and golden domes. Flashing lights and chanting lamas in lamasery, the domestic and foreign Buddhist believers have worshipped here for over 500 years. The world's largest indoor bronze statue, Jampa Buddha, which is 26m height, also placed in Tashilhunpo.

Accommodation: Hotel in Lhasa

Day 10 Lhasa - Namtso - Yangbajing Hot Spring - Lhasa
Having a morning drive to one of the "Three Holy Lakes" in Tibet, Namtso Lake, with an altitude 4770m. You can see the seamless sky and blue lake mixing together by overlooking Namtso Lake. Tashi peninsula in Namtso with bizarre rocks and mythic caves form a scenic view. Afterwards, by following the arrival of the region of Nyainqentanglha with endless snowy mountains, it is an oasis of the northern Tibet grassland, colourful prayer flags fluttering in the wind, and the highest peak of Nyainqentanglha (altitude 7717m) enters your vision. On the way back to Lhasa, you can enjoy the Yangbajing Hot Spring at your own expense.

Accommodation: Hotel in Lhasa

Day 11 Lhasa Airport (or Train Station) Dropoff - Chengdu
Having a happy ending after the breakfast in Lhasa, you will be taken to the Lhasa Airport/Train Station and take a return flight/rail back to Chengdu. (Roundtrip flight/rail is included)


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