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Maglic mountain&Trnovacko lake Hiking

Foča, Bosnia and Herzegovina
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Starting fromUSD 43

  • Maglic mountain and Trnovacko lake Hiking - experience climbing trips with ubcool
  • Climbing on Maglic mountain
  • Maglic mountain and Trnovacko lake Hiking - A view from Maglic
  • Maglic lake
  • Maglic mountain and Trnovacko lake Hiking - Maglic beautiful landscape
  • Trnovacko lake - Maglic mountain and Trnovacko lake Hiking

Why we like it ...

Maglic is Dinaric mountain on the border of Bosnia and Herzegovina and Montenegro about 20 km southwest from Foca.It is the highest peak in Bosnia and Herzegovina - 2386 meters. The mountain is bordered by the river Sutjeska on the west, mountain Volujak on the southwest, rivers Drina and Piva on the north-east, and mountain Bioc on the southeast.
The Maglic is made of Permian rocks, Mezozoic limestones, diabasis and malafirs, and glacial traces are seen. Upper forest border is at about 1600 meters, and over that hight, there is a plateau with pastures and numerous reefs and heights. The most popular plateaus near Maglic are Vucevo (with the hight Crni vrh), Rujevac, Snjezica, Prijevor and Mratinjska Gora. The
largest primeval forest in Europe, Perucica, is located near Maglic, also large cirque Urdeni Dolovi with Trnovacko lake at 1517 meters.
To know about Maglic and to look at it on the pictures is nice, but to conquer it with our help, it is priceless.  Hike to Explore mountain.

What's Included

  • Lunch pack.
  • Our terrain vehicles.
  • Insurance, taxes.

Medical Restrictions & Other Requirements

Pregnancy, heart conditions.

Minimum Age

6 Year(s)


1 Day(s) | Starting from

  • USD 43  for person
Start Time:
  • 1:00 am

Adventure Itinerary

- Departure from the camp at 06.00 with off-road vehicles through Tjentište to Lokve - Dernečište (1640 m). On the way, we will visit the lookout in Perucica offering a view of the waterfall Skakavac (grasshopper) - 75m.
- Hiking up the steep rocks on the north side of Maglić and climbing to 2386 meters, the highest peak in BiH. There are no words to describe the view from the top ... on a beautiful day, you can see "everything."
- Hiking downhill to the Trnovačko Lake, then to the Prijevor or through Suški book (stream).
- The trail is in parts quite thick, but the safety cables are provided. It is recommended only for fit and experienced hikers.
- Altitude, both rising and in the downhill, is about 1100 meters. Its length is about 15 km, and the time was walking around 9 hours. Driving time in one direction is about 2 hours. Kamp - Prijevor 55 km.
- Back in camp around 19.00.


Maglia, Tjentiste, Bosnia and Herzegovina

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