River Trebizat Canoe Safari

Aeapljina, Bosnia and Herzegovina
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Starting fromUSD 40

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Why we like it...

This adventure will leave you wanting more!

Duration: 5 Hour(s)

Minimum Age: 1 Year(s)

Price: USD 40  for person

What you will do...

Canoe Safari is a tourist attraction organized by the NGO "Tajna Prirode" based in Capljina, and the only one that provides this kind of service in this area. Years of experience in working with tourists guarantee service at the highest level, and particularly the safety of our guests
. Trebizat River is breathtaking cross river basin in the Adriatic basin, with a total length of 51 km, perfectly clean and warm water, beautiful canyons and magical waterfall, also known as the longest underground river in this part of Europe. At the beginning of excursion routes, the river is calm and quiet, and later as we approach the estuary becomes fast and exciting.
The water temperature in summer is around 20C making it excellent and for those sensitive to temperature variations. The age limit for participants is almost non-existent, so it's kind of a great trip for adrenaline addicts, as well as those looking for complete relaxation and identification with nature. During the voyage, you will see a lot of fish and birds of different species and beautiful travertine waterfalls and a perfect harmony of the river and pristine nature that surrounds her.

What's Included

  • Traditionaly prepaired potatoes and meat (any type you wish), homemade bevarages and all kinds of drinks (unlimited amount), deserts, season fruit, coffe
  • Canoes, Paddels, Neoprene clothings, Water shoes, Drybaggs and barrels
  • From the gathering point, to the start of the route


5 Hour(s)

  • USD 40  for person
Start Time:
  • 9:00 am

Adventure Itinerary

Route trip begins in Struge near Capljina, from where you are transported to the starting point of the voyage. With the assistance of guides with years of experience, guests will quickly learn to operate and manage a canoe paddle and how to behave when encountering steep downhill sections.
During the descent, guests are free to break for swimming and relaxing as they wish. The perfect combination of relaxing and exciting nature of the cascade makes this trip perfect for socializing, such as team building and excursions. Each canoe is designed for two people, and the equipment supplied: paddles, waterproof bags and vests.
During the trip, the guests will feel best in shorts /bathing suit and sandals or sports shoes.
Be sure to bring your dry goods for wear after the downhill and drinking water, if desired, sunglasses, sunscreen, and camera. In the first offer, guests can choose one of the two starting location Matica - Trebizat or Bozjak - Studenci. The beginning route with the start at Matica - Trebizat is around 8 km long, with an average duration of 2.5 - 4 hours.
The river in this part of its natural downfall branches in several separate streams full of exciting rapids and waterfalls that leave breathless even the experienced paddlers. Also determining the length of the route are stops requested by the guests to briefly refresh, go swimming, and other desired activities as required. Guests are also able to select multiple high-quality traditional dishes, prepared and presented by experienced chefs.
The lunch is the server at the end of the trip in natural surroundings near the river at the beach Jaz – Strange. The second route starting at Bozjak – Studenci is a little more demanding, with a total length of about 12 km (5-6 hours). In the early part of this route river has not yet taken its branched form, but in the absence of human factor retains all the features of magnificent unspoiled wilderness, rarely seen in other parts of Europe.
Due to the increased difficulty of this route, short breaks are recommended to take in some of the catering facilities down the river, after which you continue with Safari, and finish it at the same point Jaz - Struge. The extended offer provides organized daily and multi-day trips, horseback riding, biking, fishing, camping and much more. Come and experience the unforgettable magic of nature and river Trebizat.


R425a, Bosna i Hercegovina

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