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Rhodope Two Days Kayaking

Emen, Bulgaria
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Starting fromUSD 55

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Why we like it ...

If there is a place that you must go kayaking in Bulgaria, that is Western Rhodopes. Among Batak Dam and Dospat Dam, in the pine forests are hiding the little brothers – Shiroka Poliana Dam and Beglika Dam. The specific is that the banks are slashing of rolling hills and forms small hidden coves in the pine forest. The landscapes are unforgettable! If you do not believe, come with us! Enjoy our amazign kayak adventure.

What's Included

  • Not Provided
  • Paddles; PFDs/Lifejackets
  • Not Provided
  • Instructions/ Training

Minimum Age

1 Year(s)


2 Day(s) | Starting from

  • USD 55  for person
Start Time:
  • 1:00 am

Adventure Itinerary

Day 1
10 00 pm. – We arrive at the starting point near the wall of the dam Beglika. 10 30 pm. – Препаринг the kayaking equipment and conduct a short briefing on kayaking in calm waters. 11 00. – 18 00. – Descend the steep slope to the cold waters of the lake. Enter water and our objective are the most inaccessible spots – on the islands in the lake and small sleeves. After a few hours of paddling, we`ll choose a beautiful place for picnic and rest. 18 00. – Pulling out the kayaks at the starting point in the late afternoon and organizing a camp. 20 30 pm. – We can sit back around the campfire and enjoy the silence of the Rhodopes.

Day 2
9 00 pm. – In the morning, we`ll make a fast breakfast and tea and head to the Shiroka Poliana Dam. 10 00. – 15 00. – Paddling around the Shiroka Poliana Dam. We`ll Get out on a lovely meadow for lunch near the area “Kaval Tepe”. After the nice break, we`ll continue to the southernmost point of the basin, where the narrow channel goes even smaller dam – Swamp. 15 00. – Pulling the kayaks out of the water and departure.


5065 Emen, Bulgaria

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