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Venetian Real Kayak

Venice, Italy
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USD 95

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Why we like it ...

The charm of Venice has always fascinated people from all over the world. Its uniqueness represents a priceless heritage for the whole of humanity. The historical richness and numerous cultural beauties that you can find there make it one of the treasures of our country and the world. What leaves visitors breathless is the close relationship between the earth and the water, a perfect symbiosis that often leads to identify Venice with its laguna.The variety of canals and rii (smaller canals) – the vital links which carry Venetians and visitors- are the REAL Venice! Real Venetian Kayak is a company made and run by Venetians which gives its clients the possibility to visit the city from a privileged perspective- the water- promoting sustainable tourism. We offer kayak guided tours with highly qualified guides to let you sample all the different aspects of an incredible city.

Medical Restrictions & Other Requirements

Any pathology where the sports activity is contraindicated

Minimum Age

8 Year(s)


2 Hour(s)

  • USD 95  for person
Start Time:
  • 9:00 am


Venezia, Italia
RVK - Real Venetian Kayak


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