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Hike to Tahery Cave

Muscat, Oman
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USD 155

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  • Canyons for days.
  • Happy trails.
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Why we like it ...

When the Indian sub-continent collided with the southern side of Arabia while it was drifting toward Asia, the Eastern Hajar mountains were violently pushed up from under the sea to nearly 5000 feet above sea level. During this process, and through erosion of the rocks, one of the region’s largest caving systems was formed creating multiple passages and channels inside the Salmah mountain. This is how the Tahery Cave was born. Enjoy a beautiful hike along trails and canyons and end up at a cave so big it has to be seen to be believed. Explore the cave and then return along the same trail for a scenic grill out in the mountains, Arabian style.


Technical Details

Expect to leave Muscat around 6 AM to avoid hottest part of day. Hike should take 3+/- hrs in each direction with an hour and a half to explore the cave and eat lunch in it. Expect an 8-9PM return depending on hiking time and how much you enjoy your hamburgers relaxing on carpets under an incredibly starry sky.

What's Included

  • 4x4 transportation to and from location
  • Bag lunch (roast beef/turkey sandwiches, snacks, juice)
  • Grilled dinner (hamburgers, veggie options available upon request)
  • Water
  • Trekking poles (if requested)
  • Good times!!!

What's Not Included

  • Camel transportation
  • Flying carpet

Medical Restrictions & Other Requirements

The hike is not too challenging but if you aren't active it will be. There will be some walking down steep slopes with loose rocks for short periods of time. It will probably be sunny so sun protection is recommended, either long sleeves or sunscreen lotion.


Requirements (all of this can be either bought or rented from Husaak, simply ask your guide for details)

Backpack (20-35 liters, daypack size)

Hiking boots/shoes (recommend boots if you have ankle problems or don't hike often)


Minimum Age

10 Year(s)

Meeting Point

Pick-up service from hotel


1 Day(s)

  • USD 155  for 1 person
Start Time:
  • 06:00 am

Adventure Itinerary

Leave Muscat around 6AM to avoid heat.
Begin hike at 9AM.
Arrive at cave at 12PM.
Explore cave, eat lunch, depart cave at 1:30PM.
Arrive at car(s) at 4:30PM.
Drive to grill site, cook out, relax, depart for Muscat at 6:30PM.
Arrive in Muscat at 8:30PM.


17, Fins, Oman
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Muscat, Oman

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