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The Cave Explorer

Nizwa, Oman
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USD 316

  • Caving at Al Hoota cave in Oman
  • Entrance to the Al Hoota cave
  • Rock formations at Al Hoota Cave
  • Exploring the Al Hoota Cave
  • Massive boulders and columns in the cave

Why we like it ...

This is an awesome adventure into the pitch-black underground cave system of the Western Hajar Mountains in Oman. It is great for everyone including first-time-cave explorers as no previous experience is required.

This cave has virtually been untouched and offers a fantastic natural section of the Al Hoota cave system to explore. After a short hike down the wadi and a 6-meter abseil, reach the bottom where lies a dark hole: the cave’s entrance. A 10-meter roped abseil takes you down into total darkness like very few other places on earth. Begin the expedition through the cave's enormous chambers and narrow passages scaling huge boulders the size of cars and columns of calcite that dwarf the few spectators who come to visit. Following the water course, we reach the first lake which is home to the rare and protected ‘blind cave fish’. The exit route follows an old passageway as it winds back up through some impressively large chambers and well-decorated sections towards the 10m-entrance pitch along with the first glimpse of daylight.

The professional guides from Twenty3 Extreme will lead you on this amazing adventure and give you tips on caving.

Where: A largely unexplored Al Hoota cave system in the Western Hajar is a great introduction to the caving world. The lower section of this cave has been opened up as a show cave containing concrete walkways and lighting rigs giving easy access to the most timid and elderly. Thankfully, the top of the cave has not been touched making it a perfect spot for underground exploration.

 What to Bring:

  • Camera
  • A change of clothes
  • Backpack to carry water and snacks
  • A buff to cover your face from the dust could be useful
  • Dress respectfully – shoulders and knees must be covered
  • Closed toe shoes, such as trainers or lightweight boots, are a must. Wear something with good ankle support

What's Included

  • Lunch
  • First-aid kit
  • Water and soft drinks
  • Top of the range equipment
  • Helmet and safety equipment
  • Internationally certified instructors
  • Pick-up and drop-off service to your hotel/home (in Muscat)

What's Not Included

  • Camera
  • Backpack
  • Airplane tickets
  • Closed-toe shoes (this is a must)
  • A buffer to cover the face (optional)

Medical Restrictions & Other Requirements

Minimum age requirement: 16 years old. For children below 16 years old and private family adventures, please get in touch with us.

Minimum group size: 2 people.

If you suffer from vertigo or are allergic to dust, get in touch with us before booking.

If you are pregnant, please consult the doctor before booking. The adventure involves abseiling, trekking, climbing, and a risk of falling.

Minimum Age

16 Year(s)

Meeting Point

Pick-up service from hotel


1 Day(s)

  • USD 627  for 1 person
  • USD 316  for more than 1 person
Start Time:
  • 06:00 am

Adventure Itinerary

This 1-day trip follows the below itinerary:

• 6 AM – Pick-up service at your hotel/home in Muscat
• Depart on a 1.5-hour drive
• 8:30 AM – Arrive at the cave site
• Kit-up and listen to the safety instructions.
• Then begin a short hike down the wadi to access the cave entrance
• The adventure inside the cave takes about 4 hours
• 1 PM – Enjoy lunch and then head back to Muscat
• 4 PM – Arrive back in Muscat


Al Hoota Caves Access Road? Oman
twenty3 extreme

Muscat, Oman

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