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Bovec Zipline

Bovec, Slovenia
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Starting from USD 65

  • online zipline
  • Zipline at mountain valley
  • Zipline in Kanin
  • zip line guide in Szlovénia
  • Nature zipline

Why we like it ...

Above a mountain valley on Kanin stands is the adventure center of Slovenia. Additionally with other activities, you can now try one of the most zip-lines adventure.
Zipline consists of a block suspended on a cable. You are relaxing in a gear which is connected on average 600 m long wire. You are sliding with the block between two mountains by gravity. There are 5 rides which have an average 30 m altitude difference.
Imagine that you are on a platform, looking at your zip line guide, a bit afraid of what will happen next. Next, the guide smiles at you and push you to go! Suddenly your feet leave the ground, and you are 200 meters above the ground, flying free like a bird into the impressive experience.Your zipline guide safely holds you on the block using security belt, and you are ready to go, feeling free like a bird.

What's Included

  • Additional
  • Harness, pulley, helmet, gloves
  • Jeep transfer included

Medical Restrictions & Other Requirements


Minimum Age

6 Year(s)

Meeting Point


3 Hour(s)

  • USD 65  for person
Start Time:
  • 9:00 am

Adventure Itinerary

The meeting point is at the office. We collect the equipment and takes you to the starting point where we have a safety talk, and a little practice. After the trip, our jeeps takes you back to the office.


Trg Golobarskih zrtev 38 5230 Bovec, Slovenia
Eurotrekking D.O.O.


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