Jabal Jais: Mountain Drive up UAE’s Tallest Peak

Dubai, UAE
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Starting fromUSD 101

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Why we like it...

This adventure will leave you wanting more!

Duration: 1 Day(s)

Minimum Age: 6 Year(s)

Price: USD 101  for 1 person

What you will do...

Contrary to popular thought, the UAE is not just a beautiful desert with modern cities rising from its sand. In fact, the UAE boasts a variety of terrains from beautiful blue coastlines to emerald-green oases to endless expanses of sand dunes to rugged-tall-imposing mountains.  Stretching from the Musandam Peninsula in the North down to the city of Sur in east Oman is the Hajar Mountain range, which is shared by both countries, the UAE and Oman. On the west side of the border, in the emirate of Ras al-Khaimah, Jabal Jais is the highest peak in the UAE rising an impressive 1,892m (6,207 feet) above sea level!  Piercing through the clouds, this peak is so high that during the winter months it often receives snow and features temperatures as low as a shivering -5 degrees Celsius!

Interested in exploring the highest peak in the UAE?

In the morning, you will be picked up at your home or hotel at 9 o’clock in the latest 4-Wheel-Drive vehicles by the Musandam Travel & Tourism team.  Accompanied by an English-speaking driver & guide, the tour will follow the Jabal Jais road driving through the rugged valleys, which are often dried-up wadis (valley or ravine) where a river would have flowed through centuries ago carving out the valley over time. After this begins the ascent up the mountain on a winding smooth road boasting stunning views of the expansive valley and jagged-mountain range around you.

Are you a snap-happy individual? Well, if yes, you will be pleased as the tour will stop at numerous places along the way for you admire and capture the captivating views. During the winter months, you may be fortunate enough to enjoy snowflakes landing on your face so ensure to wear warm clothing; in the summer, as expected, it will be warm but, have no fear, you will be comfortable within the air-conditioned vehicle with lots of refreshments.

What's Included

  • Oriental lunch, mineral water & refreshments
  • Latest 4-Wheel-Drive vehicle
  • An English-speaking driver who serves as a guide as well
  • Drop off and pick up at your home or hotel

What's Not Included

  • Warm clothing during the winter months

Medical Restrictions & Other Requirements

People with chronic neck and back problems.


1 Day(s)

  • USD 101  for 1 person
Start Time:
  • 09:00 am

Adventure Itinerary

This is a full-day tour with pick up and drop off at your home or hotel. In the latest 4-Wheel-Drive vehicles, the journey to the Jebal Jais peak begins by first driving through valleys before ascending up the winding, smooth road to the tallest peak in the UAE. A professional driver and guide will ensure to include numerous breaks for photos and to stretch your legs. Upon reaching the peak, captivating views of the valley 1,892m (6,207 feet) below will unfold. For lunch, there will be a tasty oriental meal at a local restaurant. After exploring the Hajar mountain range, and reaching its highest peak, the Musandam Travel & Tourism team will drop you back to your home or hotel.


Ras Al-Khaimah - Ras al Khaimah - United Arab Emirates
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