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Amazonas Hiking

Caracas, Venezuela
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Starting from USD 295

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Why we like it ...

When making the hiking tour to Lake Leopold, have the opportunity to be in contact with one of the oldest geological areas of the world, belonging to the Roraima Group, in structural Cuchivero Province, which occupies the western part of Venezuela and Shield extends southeast of Guyana, Suriname and French Guiana. Stunning rounded rocks due to erosion created by the continuous work time, rocks heights up to 100m we have to trace this path, and the most impressive of all tepuys Amazon Autana. Explore Lake Leopold in 6 days with family and friends.

What's Included

  • Meals: From lunch on day 2 to breakfast on day 6. Mineral water, soft drinks and / or juices. (the tents wi
  • Camping equipment.
  • Transfer from the airport of Puerto Ayacucho. Transfers river on bongos / boat.
  • Guides and logistics.

Medical Restrictions & Other Requirements

Good health conditions

Minimum Age

16 Year(s)

Meeting Point



6 Day(s)

  • USD 295  for person
Start Time:
  • 1:00 am

Adventure Itinerary

Day 1: Arrival to Puerto Ayacucho. Stay overnight at an Inn.
Day 2: Puerto Ayacucho – Puerto de Samariapo. Go by river: Puerto de Samariapo – Mavaco-Boca de Autana (sleep in hammock with mosquito net).
Day 3: Mavaco-Boca de Autana – Caño Manteco – Raudal de Merey – Hiking approx. 5 hr. Salto del caño El Zorro (sleep in tents).
Day 4: Hiking approx. 3 hrs – Lago Leopoldo (all day). – Back to camp.
Day 5: Camp – Caño Manteco –La Ceguera – (sleep in hammock with mosquito net).
Day 6: La Ceguera – Boca de Autana – Puerto de Samariapo – Airport.


Amazonas, Venezuela
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Located in the southeastern corner of Venezuela's 30.000 km Canaima National Park, the 2.820 m high Mount Roraima is the largest mountain in the Guiana Shield and is considered to be the site of some of the most ancient rock formations on the planet--around 4 billion years old! Its unique micro climate, coupled with the geological soil composition has produced a truly wonderous array of diverse flora and fauna. Visitors will arrive at Puerto Ordaz Airport and from there be taken to Santa Elena de Uairen (approx. 7 hrs. travel time.) The trip includes an overnight stop at a hotel. The next morning they'll be taken to Parai Tepuy to begin this fascinating, once-in-a-lifetime treck! Day 1: Santa Elena-Parai Tepui-Rio Kukenan camp. (approx 5 hrs) Day 2: Rio Kukenan-Base Camp. (approx 4.5 hrs) Day 3: Base Camp-Top Roraima. (approx 4.5 hrs) Day 4: Trekking on Top Roraima Day 5: Top Roraima-Río Tek (approx 7.5 hrs) Day 6: Río Tek-Santa Elena (approx 3.5 hrs) The final night will be spent in a comfortable hotel in Santa Elena. The return trip to Puerto Ordaz Airport takes place the next morning.

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