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Casiquiare River Fishing

Caracas, Venezuela
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Starting fromUSD 3005

  • water adventure venezuela-fishing
  • Enjoy fishing at Casiquiare River
  • amazing landscape to go fishing trought
  • Fishing through the Casiquiare River
  • Accommodation
  • history and beauty at Casiquiare River

Why we like it ...

Fishing at Casiquiare River packages provides you the  Navigation through the Orinoco River and Casiquiare's Arm River to reach the Curamoni River and its lakes. As well as Fishing at Veripamoni (according to the level of the river). And you will fish Fish at Pasiba lake in group of fisherman.And enjoy the Visit to the Capybara Dolmen.Fishing canoe (10mts) with camping chairs (beach style), in groups of 4 fishers and 1 guide.

What's Included

  • All meals and potable water, 2 soft drinks (2 liters per day, per boat), 2 gatorade per person daily (according to availability in the market), 3 beers per day per adult, and light lunches.
  • Hiking, camping and cooking equipment. First aid kit. Satellite phone (for emergencies only).
  • Air/land transfer from Caracas to La Esmeralda town (depending on availability). All water transfers included
  • Personal accident insurance policy.

Medical Restrictions & Other Requirements

Please inform of your Medical Conditions and diet restrictions so we can accommodate your menu

Minimum Age

18 Year(s)


6 Day(s) | Starting from

  • USD 3005  for person
Start Time:
  • 1:00 am

Adventure Itinerary

Day 1: Travel from Caracas to La Esmeralda (via air. If you must go by land, arrive one day earlier), and from there through the Orinoco River and Casiquiare Arm to reach the Curamoni River(4-5:30 hrs approx).
Fishing at Curamoni river and its lakes.
Fishing at Veripamoni (1-2 hrs approx according to level of the river)
Day 2: Fishing at Guramoni River and lakes. Night fishing in the Casiquiare River.
Day 3: Fishing at Veripamoni. Night fishing (optional).
Day 4: Fishing at Pasiba Lake (approx 2-3 hrs) Day or night (choose one).
Day 5: Visit the Capybara Dolmen. Fishing in a chosen place.
Day 6: River Transfers to the Emerald town, and Trip back to Caracas.

* Activities are subject to external factors such as weather conditions in the area, physical ability of passengers, etc., of which we are not responsible.


La Esmeralda, Venezuela

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