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7 Best Gifts for Your Adventure Buddy

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Dear Explorer,

Gifts, gifts, gifts! The holidays are upon us and we bet you still have lots of shopping to do!

Struggling to find something to gift your Adventure Buddy?  The ub-cool team has rounded up 7 gift ideas that are great for a fantastic adventure!

What are you waiting for? Go shopping for your Adventure Buddy (and don’t forget to get yourself something too)!

#1Portable Clothes Washer


The portable clothes washer in action | Image Source

When you’re away on any multi-day adventure, one of the biggest struggles is cleaning your clothes.  (Well, that is unless you like marinating in your sweaty smelly dirty clothing….!) Most people end up carrying too many changes in their backup making their experience more tiring. Scrubba has a new version of their “portable clothes washing bag” which will help minimize the load you carry on your back and will leave you smelly ever-so fresh on your adventure.  Not only that, but it is Eco friendly too!

According to Scrubba, this item provides a “machine-quality wash” and is a “modern take on the old-fashioned washboard.” The product’s internal nodules clean your clothes efficiently in minutes!

Tip: we advise you use this with fresh water from rivers and not salt water.

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Buy it here for USD 51.33

#2Foot Warmers: Heated Insoles


The Original heated insoles and remote | Image Source

Are you and you Adventure Buddy planning to climb Mount Everest or another mountain next year?  Make sure to pack a hi-tech foot warmer like the one that ThermaCell produces.  Their heated insoles come in three versions: original, ProFlex, and ProFlex Heavy Duty. These heated insoles will keep your feet warm as you trek through knee-deep snow, slip-and-slide on ice, and huddle around the camp fire at night on a mountain peak.  Also, it’s great for skiing, snowboarding, and snowshoeing!

Keeping your feet warm (not hot), its state-of-the-art wireless technology allows you to adjust the temperature, recharge the insoles at least 500 times, and lasts up to 5 hours of use in one go.

Looking for a hiking adventure? Check out options here!

Buy these heated insoles for about USD 134 – 199 by clicking here.

#3Water Filter


The water filter in action removing bacteria! | Image Source

While out in the wilderness on a multi-day adventure, finding clean drinkable water often dictates your route. After all, you can’t carry your entire water supply with you. LifeStraw’s personal water filter is a gift your Adventure Buddy would love! Light, portable, small, and effective! Surpassing EPA filter standards, it removes 99.99% of waterborne bacteria!

Want to find a hike near you to try out this cool gadget? Click here.

Buy it here for USD 49.99 by clicking here

#4Portable Female Urination Device


The female urination device | Image Source

Calling all women who hate dirty gas-station-and-hostel bathrooms! GoGirl’s portable pee-in-a-cup-type device will be your new best friend in 2018. Look forward to your next backpacking trip and explore the world knowing that you have a sanitary place to relieve yourself absolutely anywhere. It’s made from medical-grade silicone and it fits in your purse! So, if you’re planning a road trip adventure in 2018, this is definitely for you!

Buy it here for USD 9.97

#5Hands-Free Light Device

PowerLightMini_teal -2

The PowerLight Mini | Image Source 

Light weight, slim, water resistant, and clippable! BioLite’s modern-day lantern is a mini-sized power source that is perfect for every campsite, headlamp in a cave, hike at night, or cycling adventure. Its USB rechargeable battery allows up to 52 hours of low light and offers different strength of light. On high, it lasts up to 5 hours. It can also be used to boost your cell phone.

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Buy it here for USD 44.95

#6GoPro Compatible Full-Face Snorkel Mask


Snorkeling will never be the same! | Image Source

This full-face snorkel mask was so popular in 2017 that we recommend it to every adventure enthusiast for their upcoming 2018 adventures! Wildhorn’s Seaview full-face snorkel mask (and fog resistant design) has made snorkeling much more comfortable for children and adults alike. Now, you can film the marine life you find with the GoPro-compatible-Snorkel mask! Spend less time adjusting your equipment with this all-in-one mask, snorkel, and camera mount.

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Buy this product for USD 49.99 – 79.99

#7Tent: Inflates in 1 Minute!


The Cave Tent Inflates in 1 Minute! | Image Source

After a long day of hiking, pitching a tent is not fun for many. Get this, HemiPlanet’s Cave Tent can be inflated in 1 minute! All you need is a standard pump. It is stable during strong winds and its sloped-shape allows good run off during rain. It has a multi-chamber system so even if one section deflates, then the entire tent will not collapse. HemiPlanet says 3 people can fit but it’s close to accommodating 2 people (or 3 children).

Tip: Split the cost with your favourite Adventure Buddy! Most of the campers I know tend to share the cost between them making it more affordable.

Want to Camp? Book a camping trip today!

Buy it here for 699.95

Season’s Greetings from the ub-cool team to you and your Adventure Buddy!  Wishing you have exciting adventures in 2018!

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