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Best Photos of the Web | March 2018

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best photos of the web

Dear Explorer,

We have searched the web looking for the best photos of the web from the month of March 2018 to inspire you to say WOW, get outdoors & lead an active life!

10 Best Photos of the Web

Here are our Top 10 pics for this month’s photo competition:

March Photo Competition

The King of the jungle | Instagram @randomrob_ in Oahu, Hawaii

March Photo Competition 2

Would you dare?! | Instagram @rafaortizkayak in North Vancouver

March Photo Competition 3

Think outside of the box | Instagram @zrodyr in Iceland

March Photo Competition 4

Sharks & Selfies | Instagram @awtimate in Cuba

March Photo Competition 5

Exploring the amazing Utah | Instagram @j_wells03

March Photo Competition 6

Training Days | Instagram @ken_etzel in Rocklands, Western Cape, South Africa

March Photo Competition 7

Double Flips | Instagram @adventuremandan

March Photo Competition 8

The beauty of winter | Instagram @moonmountainman in the Rocky Mountains

March Photo Competition 9

Experiencing Rio De Janerio from above | Instagram @travel_inhershoes

March Photo Competition 10

The mountain wall | Instagram @emiliomag

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Do you want to submit your photos for April’s photo competition? You can email us or tag us on Facebook or Instagram and remember to use the hashtag #ubcoolphotocomp

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