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Chasing Camel Trails – Red Bull’s Latest Adventure

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Chasing Camel Trails

Dear Explorer,

Do you want to know a little secret? Always at the front line of extreme sports and the coolest stories is the Red Bull team and this event is no exception: Chasing Camel Trails. If you love fast-paced adrenaline then this might just be for you….
So, what is Chasing Camel Trails all about? A combination of neck-breaking-downhill speeds on bicycles, impressive cliff faces, amazing scenery, and a heck of a lot of camels and a man on a bicycle. Sounds intriguing, right?

“In Oman just follow the camels because they are the trail builders!” – René Wildhaber

Chasing camel trails feature image

Salalah – Oman’s greenest city

The southern most city in Oman, Salalah, is one of the rare places in the Arabian Peninsula that experiences a monsoon season. It is called Khareef, which means ‘Autumn’ in Arabic. As the season begins in this southern location of Oman, something amazing happens…
The land turns into a lush green paradise – a vast contrast to the rest of the country.
As the hunters of Arabian camels migrate to the lush area in search of food, they leave trails in the ground. After just 2 months the khareef season is over and the dry land returns but the camel trails remain apparent in the ground.

Chasing Camel Trails downhill

The Red Bull Athlete taking on this Challenge

One of the world’s most accomplished cyclists for this event René Wildhaber visited the wonderful Sultanate of Oman to experience the Camel Trails and show it how it should be done, Red Bull style.
“Salalah surprised me because it has really nice big beach and an old soul with a nice atmosphere. I expected desert and only sand but I found mountains here – Like at home but without snow.”
As the original nomads of this landscape, the camels know exactly where to go – but that doesn’t always mean it is an easy route on a bicycle.
“On the trails here we see good variations of inclinations that the camels like to walk. You never know what you get around the next corner!”

Chasing Camel Trails

Do you want to see more of the action?

More videos of this incredible offload experience are available on the Red Bull website, click here!
With the Khareef season right around the corner we may see more athletes out on the trails, would you dare?!

Photo credit: Naim Chaidic, Red Bull photographer.

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