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3 Best Ways to Explore Damaniyat Islands

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Damaniyat Islands

Dear Explorer,

Have you heard of the 9 stunning islands off the coast of Oman called the “Damaniyat Islands”? You’ll also hear it referred to as Dimaniyat or Al Dimaniyyat Islands.

In 1996, the islands were deemed a nature reserve not only because of its spectacular marine life and natural scenery, but also to conserve the coral reefs and turtle nesting beaches. If you haven’t visited, then drop everything and plan a trip and explore!

Damaniyat Islands

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Why Damaniyat Islands?

Imagine swimming with turtles and tropical-brightly-coloured fish while below you there is a forest of coral with different shapes and many colours! Click here for a full list of the species who call these islands home. Exploring Damaniyat Islands is something everyone must do, especially if you live in or are visiting Oman or the United Arab Emirates. The islands are closer than you think!

Here are the 3 Best Ways We Recommend to Explore Damaniyat Islands

#1 – Sailing Cruise

Charter a sailing cruise and head to the 9 islands. On board a yatch or catamaran, you can enjoy the day sunbathing and watching the marine life in comfort. Often, cruises carry along stand-up paddle boards in case you want to explore the islands by yourself, after reaching there.

Ideally, try to charter a catamaran for a more stable time out at sea. Check out our 3 reasons why catamarans make for a better cruise experience here.

We recommend this Exclusive Catamaran Cruise Trip to the Damaniyat Islands – Dec 15th

Catamaran Cruise

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#2 – Scuba Diving

The allure of the Damaniyat Islands is the rich marine life below the surface. From the colourful coral to the tropical fish, there is no end to the wonders you’ll discover! If you’re lucky, you’ll meet a leopard shark or a whale shark! Don’t forget the many turtles that will come out to say hello!

These 9 islands are a favourite diving spot with divers visiting from all over the world!

We recommend this Scuba Diving Trip at the Damaniyat Islands

 Damaniyat Islands

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#3 – Snokelling

Are you intrigued by the incredible marine life at the Damaniyat Islands … but diving isn’t your thing? Don’t let that stop you from visiting! Instead, opt for a snorkeling trip and stay at the water’s surface where you feel safe. You’ll still be able to enjoy the wonders below while staying within your comfort zone. Turtles come up to the surface too, so don’t worry – you won’t miss out on that experience!

We recommend this Snorkelling Trip at the Damaniyat Islands


Pick one of these options and head out to explore these incredible islands! 

Damaniyat Island

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