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10 Must Have Camping Gear & Gadgets

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Dear Explorer,

Are you preparing for a camping trip? After you pick your route and campsite, check out these 10 pieces of camping equipment that we at ub-cool think are a “must have” or simply just very COOL. From a convertible jacket-sleeping bag to a solar charger, these items will make your outdoor adventure an unforgettable experience!

Stormproof Match Kit

UCO stormproof match kit

The perfect size to fit into your camping bag, a UCO Stormproof Match Kit will save you from freezing if caught out in the wilderness during a storm. Created with every situation in mind, the case itself is waterproof and will float, while the 3 strikers and 25 wind-and-waterproof matches will light up even during the worst weather possible from strong winds to cold snow.

Smart Outdoor Watch

Garmin Fenix 5S

Do you like camping by the water? If you plan to dive into the lake or ocean to cool off during your trip, bring along a smart watch like the Fenix5x by Garmin. The ideal smart watch is water resistant and shock proof, and also has geo-location, barometer, altimeter, and activity-tracking features, all of which is very helpful if you decide to leave your campsite to surf, swim, or go on a hike.

Waterproof Jacket-Backpack-Sleeping Bag

Duson backpack

One of the coolest items is Duson’s multifunctional jacket-sleeping bag. You can find yourself in a sleeping bag without undressing! To release the sleeping bag, simply open the fast-zip system tucked away in the back of the jacket. If that isn’t cool enough, the entire item is waterproof, ripstop, windproof, washable, and breathable.

Waterproof Rugged Camera


For the hand-free ease of recording your experiences while camping, check out the latest GoPro5. It has voice activation and is waterproof which is perfect for capturing moments during rugged hikes, singalongs around the campfire, swimming in the lake, and so much more!

Camping Tent

crua clan tents

People say their home is their castle – so why not ensure your tent is a “portable castle?” Picking a tent is challenging because, when exposed to the elements, you want to ensure the tent can withstand strong winds, pounding rain, or even blistering sunshine. With hundreds of options to choose from, we recommend the Crua Clan Customizable tent system which has a lightweight aerodynamic design. It is easily customizable and connects up to 3 tents together – a true castle!

Portable Espresso Machine

wacaco espresso maker

Are you a coffee addict? Considering not going on this camping trip because you can’t imagine one day without your mug of freshly brewed coffee? Well, we have a solution for you – check out the hand powered portable espresso machine by WACACO. It is small, lightweight, and doesn’t need electricity or compressed air – all you need to bring along are coffee beans and water.

Portable Speaker

Boom 2 waterproof wireless speakers

Singalongs around the campfire are fun but when voices tire it’s great to have a portable speaker to keep the fun going! There are plenty of excellent Bluetooth speaker options on the market, but few are actually built for outdoor adventures. We recommend using the UltimateEars BOOM 2 – it’s designed for tough conditions, it’s waterproof, and it’s wireless: you can throw mud on it, drop it in a bank of snow, or carry it through the rain.

Water Bottle


Whether you’re sitting by your tent admiring the sunset or off on a short hike, you need a water bottle that can handle the outdoors. The Nalgene Water Bottle is great because it is extremely durable and can handle different environments from keeping water liquid during freezing temperatures to holding boiling water. It can also be used as a hot-water bottle to sooth injuries or survive being dropped on boulders. Whatever the situation, camping by a lake or up on a cold mountain, this water bottle is best to keep by your side. It’s a real lifesaver that lasts a life time and is available from Amazon.

Hydration Pack


Day hikes are the perfect activity while camping but if you want your hands free, and don’t want to hold on to a water bottle, then consider wearing a hydration pack on your back. We think the CAMELBAK is the best model on the market and is suitable for any type of wilderness adventure from a short hike to exploring caves near your campsite.

Solar Charger

anker power solar light

Camping is often a chance to escape from reality – a time to turn off your devices and “unplug”. However, it’s a good idea to keep a solar charger for those unfortunate moments when someone has an accident or, if you’re a passionate photographer, your camera battery dies. Being able to charge a mobile and call for help can be the difference between life and death. According to the who tested over 70 models, the Anker PowerPort Solar Lite is the best solar charger on the market.

Have a safe trip and enjoy your camping experience!

If you have other items you recommend for camping trips, please leave us a comment below.



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