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Our Fantastic Helicopter Tour in Dubai! Up, Up, and Away!

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Helicopter Atlantis

Dear Explorer,

With a setting orange sun on the horizon, glittering blue water, and sparkling skyscrapers, the day was perfect for a helicopter tour in Dubai, the city that blossomed from the desert sands.

For as long as I can remember, I’ve always been fascinated by helicopters. There’s a certain something special about this metal bird – the way it takes off vertically, how it swapped wings for rotating blades, and its ability to hover in one spot.

After spending 5 years in Dubai, I was ecstatic to finally board this metal bird and enjoy a helicopter tour of Dubai! The city is a lovely place to live in. It’s a bustling city with lots of cranes and new buildings soaring up high into the clouds (as if almost overnight at times!). After all these years at ground level with the trees, sand dunes, and camels, I was elated to finally get a bird’s eye view of the city!

Things to do in Dubai

View of the World Islands currently under construction in Dubai | Image Source: Alpha Tours

Finding the Best Helicopter Tour in Dubai

Along with my colleagues at ub-cool, we decided to take to the skies with Alpha Tours who are based on the Palm, next to Atlantis hotel, in Dubai. We were intrigued by their offer of a 5-star helipad and helicopter-lounge tour experience. And, they did not disappoint! It was an amazing journey from start to finish.

We arrived at the parking lot where a shuttle bus was waiting to escort us to the lounge. (For those who know Dubai, once you hang a right after the trunk of the Palm, the parking lot is on the right before the turn into the Atlantis hotel.) As the shuttle pulled up to the lounge, the helipad was right outside and we could see a helicopter taking flight!

The lounge and entire process was extremely efficient. When it was our turn, we were shown a safety video, given lockers to store our belongings, helped to secure our safety gear, and off to the helipad we went!

What will you see on this Dubai helicopter tour?

The crew at Alpha Tours were really professional. They guided us to the helicopter, ensured we were strapped in safely, and taught how to use the mic and headset.

We opted for the 15-minute tour of Dubai but keep in mind there is also a 25-minute tour as well.

This was the moment we were waiting for: lift off! The metal bird took to the skies in the vertical direction I’ve always admired and then off we went!


The ub-cool team taking off! | Image Source: Alpha Tours

The Route

We began by following the curve of Palm Jumeirah and what a sight it was to see the beautiful luxury villas lining the fronds of the famous Palm islands. The helicopter then headed out to sea and we explored the World Islands getting great close up views of the construction happening on some of these many islands.


Phenomenal close-up views of the World Islands | Image Source: Alpha Tours

From there we focused our sights on the Burj Khalifa (the tallest building in the world!) which was sparkling high in the sky as if calling us to it.

Helicopter tour in Dubai

Throughout the tour, we enjoyed listening to our pilot who was such a wealth of knowledge! He shared details about the city and the new construction projects below us. After travelling north towards Bur Dubai, the helicopter hung a U-turn and began heading back to the Palm.


This part of the trip offered fabulous views of the Dubai coastline and its many great beaches. En route, we enjoyed a close-up view of the famous Burj Al-Arab hotel – the first 7-star hotel in the world. Seeing this beautiful building from the sky, at such a close elevation, was a wonderful experience! The hotel’s sail-shaped curve stood out against the crystal-blue waters in which it sits.


A spectacular view of the 7-star Burj Al Arab hotel | Image Source: Alpha Tours

The Best Part!

With the setting orange sun on the horizon in front of us, the ride back to the Palm was breath taking. Flying towards the helipad was the crown jewel of this trip: the palm-tree shape of the Palm Jumeirah Islands can only truly be admired and fully appreciated from the sky. The grand size of this man-made project unfolded before us and, after 5 years in Dubai, this experience was a true highlight for me!

helicopter tour in Dubai

We loved the views of Palm Jumeirah Islands! | Image Credit: Rakhi Chu

Our approach to the helipad involved a full 360 route offering everyone great views from both sides of the helicopter. With the Atlantis hotel in our eye line, we felt the helicopter start descending back down to the ground marked with a large letter H.

Helicopter tour in Dubai

The ub-cool team is all smiles after the fantastic Dubai helicopter tour | Image Source: Alpha Tours

The longer helicopter tour in Dubai


Views of Business Bay and the Burj Khalifa | Image Source: Alpha Tours

Had we more time, we would have tried the 25-minute long helicopter tour and explored even more of Dubai’s superb locations. The additional places we would see on this longer trip are in both old and new Dubai. In old Dubai, the areas are the Old Dubai Creek, Union House, and Port Rashid; while, in new Dubai, we would circle over the Ski Dubai structure at the Mall of the Emirates, Media and Internet City, Dubai Marina, Jumeriah Lakes Towers, and Emirates Livings before heading back to the helipad at Atlantis the Palm.


Beautiful views of Emirates Hills and The Lakes | Image Source: Alpha Tours


Things to Remember to Bring

  • Ensure you bring some form of ID like your passport.
  • Arrive at the helipad a good 45 minutes before your scheduled trip.


  • No selfie sticks were allowed – sad, but true! Don’t bother packing one for this trip.
  • The helicopter is a Eurocopter 130 B4 which has fantastic large windows allowing you to marvel at the beautiful sights below. The model allows for 6 passengers in total: two passengers in the front with the pilot and four seats behind that.
  • For those of you light-weight readers interested in this tour, my personal recommendation is to grab some friends who are heavier than you. Why? Because lightweight folk get placed in the middle to balance out the weight during flight. This means you can’t stick your nose against the glass and peer down below you. But, if you have a fear of heights, then try to get the middle seats and you’ll be happier there.

Helicopter tour in Dubai

Great views of Dubai’s newest attraction, The Frame | Image Source: Alpha Tours

How is a helicopter tour different from viewing a city from an airplane?

You may be wondering how this helicopter tour is different than the view you see while flying in and out of Dubai. Well, now that I’ve experienced it, I can say it’s very different and worth the price!

From a plane, you approach the city at a higher elevation not allowing for close-up views of the amazing sights below. Also, you’re going at a faster speed and you can’t truly focus on each noteworthy structure. Unlike the plane’s linear flight over the city, the helicopter tour weaves you through the different sections of Dubai– old and new –offering ample time to fully appreciate and marvel at the 21st-century city.

helicopter tour in Dubai

A spectacular view of the 7-star Burj Al Arab hotel | Image Source: Alpha Tours

Ready for your helicopter tour in Dubai?

The details of our helicopter tour in Dubai are available here where you can also book your own experience!

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