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7 Coolest Experiences To Blow The Bank!

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Coolest Experiences

Dear Explorer

If money is no restriction then the whole world could become your destination. Where would you go?! What would you do?!
Let me set the scene to get your imagination going – You have $100,00 and you have to spend it. Whether you have inherited it or stolen it, that is up to your own imagination – Either way, it’s got to be spent. So where do you go and what do you do?!

We have 7 of the coolest experiences to blow your dollars and give you the coolest stories to brag about with your friends:

#1 – Dive Deeper | Visit the Titanic

Titanic Tour

Dive deeper to explore the wreckage. Image Source: CNN Travel

With more than a century since the fatal voyage that saw the Titanic sink to the bottom of the ocean this iconic vessel can once again be explored. Deep pocketed tourists could have the chance at extreme bragging rights with this adventure.

This will set you back $105,129. Almost a bargain!

Want to know more about exploring the Titantic then click here!

#2 – Experience Antarctica | Private Jet

Screen Shot 2018-03-28 at 13.39.52

Setting foot in the jaw dropping interior of Antarctica is a dream for many but a reality for very few. A company called White Desert has changed the game. Now you are able to fly in a private Gulfstream aircraft with a team of chefs and staff to drown you in the lap of luxury. This is one heck of a trip (and, no specific fitness training required)!

At just a bargain price of $15,000 per seat, you could charter the whole flight for $210,000 and surprise your friends. Who would you choose?

#3 – Fly In Style | Emirates First Class Suite

Blow the Bank private

Casey Neistat makes the most of his cabin. Image Source: Business Insider

Maybe you have a few destinations in mind so don’t want to blow the bank all at once, you could always slum it in an Emirates First Class Suite…

In December 2017, Emirates revealed its highly-anticipated new private first class suites, complete with doors, a service window for refreshments, and “zero-gravity” beds and video calls to your lovely flight attendant to cater to your every whim.

The YouTube sensation Casey Neistat tried out the service, along with with 8+ million YouTube subscribers who have already watched his video over 13 MILLION times! Do you want to watch this Emirates first class suite video too?

He described the luxury on board as, “This feels more like an extremely elegant hotel room than it does an airplane seat,” and raved as he described the experience as “Everything I ever wanted”

The 40-square-foot private suites, which were inspired by the Mercedes-Benz S-Class, reportedly start at £7,000 ($9,300) one-way!

#4 – Cruising the Planet | Round the World Cruise

Blow the bank cruises

Seven Seas Explorer – The ultimate luxury! Photo Source: Regents Seven Seas Cruises

Stepping onboard the Seven Seas Explorer is out of this world luxury. With the tag line, “Exceeding the loftiest expectations for luxury,” they have a lot to live up to.

The liner was billed as “the most luxurious cruise ship ever built”. The Telegraph‘s Travel cruise editor, Teresa Machan said: “It features inventively glamorous restaurants, statement suites and luxe interiors. There are 5,000 glittering (tastefully so) chandeliers and 2,200 pieces of art onboard, including a Chagall and a Picasso or two hung at the double-door entrance to the 3,875 sq ft Regent Suite, which has a balcony that loops around the front of the ship, it’s own therapy room with ocean-view shower, a pair of heated marble loungers, and a sauna and steam room.”

How much will this set you back? Just $23,000! What a bargain!

#5 – Hop On Board | Luxury Orient Express Trip

Orient Express Grand Suite

The Grand Suite on board the Orient Express. Image Source

“Escape into a world of timeless glamour” as you hop on board the Orient Express . Travelling from London to Venice never looked so good. Art Deco class of the 1920’s combined with modern day luxury make this an unforgettably stylish way to travel across Europe taking in the sights.

With prices starting at $5,000 for a basic cabin, you can splash the cash and upgrade to the luxury Grand Suite and travel like you are a celebrity in a Murder Mystery novel.

#6 – Vacation like the Stars | Necker Island

Necker Island

The idyllic Necker Island. Image Source: Virgin Limited Edition 

If it’s good enough for Barrack Obama, it is good enough for you, right?

The idyllic and serene private island located in the British Virgin Islands has something amazing for everyone: a variety of wildlife, scuba diving, waterskiing, and sailing. You can go to explore it all!

It’s available from $80,000 per night for up to 34 guests — or, you know if you want, just you and the former president of the United States of America.

#7 – Found some spare change? Blow the bank!


Blast Off! Image Source: New York Times magazine

This is way beyond keeping up with the Jones’. The sky is the limit, fly to space on the Virgin Galactic flight.

Priced at around $200,000 – $250,000, this is the ultimate in life experiences.

Virgin Galactic is the world’s first commercial spaceline company.

Do you have another cool experience that blows the bank? Tell us about it below!

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