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Take to the Skies | Paragliding in Georgia

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Paragliding in Georgia

Dear Explorer,

Have you ever dreamt of flying like a bird? Well, this is your opportunity!
Georgia is hailed as the hot new adventure destination for 2018 and we can totally see why. From beautiful architecture to friendly locals it also has some kick ass adventure opportunities too – like white water rafting and paragliding!
Recently Medina, the founder of ub-cool, headed to Georgia to see what all the fuss was about and LOVED it!

Paragliding in Georgia at ub-cool

Taking to the skies in the lush green hills around Tbilisi, Georgia’s capital city

Paragliding in Georgia

Was this your first time in Georgia and what were your first impressions?

Medina: Yes this is my first time in Georgia and I loved it! When I was driving in Georgia, I really felt like I was in Switzerland – everything was so green! There were farmers waving from the fields with their cows and everyone I met was so friendly; it was only when I saw the traditional Georgian clothing that I remembered where I was.

It was a little bit chilly at the end of March in the mountains. In the summer I’m told that the temperature is a perfect 25 degrees – I may have to return then too!” Medina laughs.

You are no stranger to adventure sport – was this scary for you?

Medina: The instructor who was flying with me was great! He asked me whether I would like the flight to be aggressive and scary with adrenaline or whether I prefer a calm flight to enjoy the view – I told him let’s enjoy the view since it’s my first time in Georgia!

I really liked that the instructor gave me the choice and made me comfortable!


Would you go back and try this experience again?

Medina: Yes, definitely. I saw that there were many students doing their flight trials next to Tbilisi in the hills, which aren’t so high. I’m told that if you are more daring you can travel to the higher hills for that extra adventure! Maybe I’ll try that next time.

Paragliding in Georgia 1

High in the sky, it’s time for a selfie!

Tips for your Paragliding Adventure!

Any tips for others trying this adventure?

Medina: I turned up with only my mobile and without my GoPro, which is very unlike me!!! Thankfully the Paragliding school lent me their GoPro to take some nice videos. That was such a nice touch! I’d also recommend you try this adventure with a local expert who not only knows the hills but makes safety his number one priority.

Definitely remember your camera equipment to capture this experience, and make sure you go with a local expert.

What was your stand out impression of Georgia?

Medina: Hospitality seems to be in the Georgian blood. They were so welcoming! I will definitely return for more adventures!

Georgia is a charming and humble country that has now become a lot more accessible as major airlines have started flying into Tbilisi, the capital city, on a more frequent schedule. Why not check it out for your next destination?

Paragliding in Georgia looks pretty awesome, right? Click here for this Georgia tour and other adventures available in this must-visit country!


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