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Top 4 Countries to Visit in 2018

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Dear Explorer,
As you write your list of ‘New Year’s Resolutions,’ make sure to add the following: Plan my next trip ASAP!
One certainty is that life gets busy and then travel plans get pushed aside for another day… and that day never comes. Plan now, and then relax knowing you have an adventure in store!
“But, where to go?” you may ask. The ub-cool team recommends 4 countries to choose from. Why? Because they have so many awesome adventures that you can try! What are you waiting for? Pick a country, select your adventure, and book your trip!

Here are our Top 4 Destinations for 2018 from West to East!

#1 – Chile


The stunning mountains in Chile | Credit: Pixabay

This gem of South America boasts all sorts of terrain for every type of adventurer. From the grand Andes mountain range in the east, to the Pacific in the west and the Atacama desert in the north, there is no shortage of adventure for you! Home to the magnificent condor, you can catch a glimpse of this majestic bird (and its 3-meter wingspan!) while trekking through the Andes. Or, if ice is more your thing, try trekking across a glacier!


Bundle up for this adventure: Glacier Trekking in Chile! | Credit: Pixabay

Not a fan of the cold? Then sign up for a hike through the stunning dry Atacama Desert. For those who love horses, saddle up and explore the mountains and enjoy the spectacular views on a horseback trip. Lastly, if you’ve always wanted to try mountain climbing, this is a great destination to finally give it a shot!

Interested? Check out more details of cool adventures in Chile!


Hike through the Atacama Desert in Chile | Credit: Pixabay

#2  Portugal


Algarve, Portugal | Credit: Pixabay

Known for its museums and delicious cuisine, many people don’t realize that Portugal also has a breath-taking coastline with caves, beaches, and hills to explore. In fact, the country has over 300 beaches! Portugal is a top destination for any adventurer because it has a plethora of activities from skydiving to river hiking! Try exploring the cities on a bicycle tour. Cycling through a country (with a guide, of course) is a great way to truly get a feel for the pace of life.


Cycle through the cities! | Credit: Pixabay

Similarly, kayaking trips allow you to check out the wildlife and offer fabulous views of the coastline. If you love animals, try a dolphin and whale watching trip. Or, if adrenaline is more your thing, this is the right place for you! There are so many caves to explore, canyons to abseil into, cliffs to climb, and waves to surf!

What are you waiting for? Check out these amazing tours and start planning your vacation!


This cave in Algarve is one of the many you can explore in Portugal | Credit: Pixabay

#3 – Malta


The stunning historic island of Malta | Credit: Pixabay

This little island finds itself positioned perfectly between Italy and North Africa and is our next top destination selection. The millennia of historic events on this tiny island have left many tunnels to explore, that is if dark spaces and crawling are your thing. Moving away from the caves and tunnels, Malta has so much coastline to explore that you have to try scuba diving! There are so many wrecks and stunning marine life to explore. Or, if you don’t enjoy scuba diving, try snorkeling instead. If you prefer staying above water, head out on a kayak or stay on land with a cycling tour. Besides offering lots of outdoor adventures, this island gets 300 days of sunshine!!!

Convinced? Click here to start planning your trip to Malta!


Explore ship wrecks in Malta! | Credit: Pixabay

#4 – South Africa


From surfing to hiking, Cape Town and other South African cities have so much to offer! | Credit: Flickr

The southern tip of Africa is home to one of the most vibrant countries in the world. Not only does it have such a diverse culture, it also has such diverse terrain which makes it great for adventurers! If you’re seeking a great adventure in 2018, definitely head to South Africa. Leave the cities behind and ride a jeep through the safaris to come face-to-face with the gorgeous African wildlife. (Well, perhaps don’t get face-to-face with the wildlife… just a few meters apart is a safer bet – enough to wave and say hello.)


Cage diving with great white sharks! | Credit: Flickr

But, if you’re truly seeking that face-to-face experience with a giant creature, then hop into a metal cage and lower down into the ocean to meet the Great White Shark! There is no better adrenaline rush than cage-diving!


Admire the stunning wildlife from the safety of a hot air balloon! | Credit: Flickr

If you’re looking for a little less of a heart-attack-type moment, then opt for a hike to Table Mountain or walk a cheetah (with a trainer). But, if you really want to put some distance between yourselves and the animals, then sail across the sky in a hot air balloon and admire the safari’s wildlife below.

Find your perfect adventure here and get ready to meet the sharks or climb a mountain!


The year goes by really quickly. Make sure you don’t let 2018 go by without an awesome adventure!

Enjoy your travel planning and we wish you happy adventures for 2018!

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