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5 Great Adventure Locations in Oman

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Oman adventure locations

Oman didn’t earn the nickname of ‘The Jewel Of Arabia’ for nothing; from the mountain heights to the rolling golden desert sand dunes, the landscape is diverse and the local people are warm and welcoming. Oman truly is a pleasure to explore but have you ever considered the Sultanate as an adventure destination? From abseiling to world class diving, Oman has it all!

We round up our choice of  ‘5 Great Adventure Locations in Oman’:

1 – The Damaniyat Islands

Daminyat Island Oman

The Damaniyat Islands are a group of 9 small islands in a UNESCO-protected marine nature reserve. This is a paradise for underwater explorers as the islands feature walls, drop offs, and submerged reefs. Shallow coral reefs teem with over 1,000 different species of fish and leatherback turtles paddle just beneath the surface. You may be lucky enough to spot a whale shark basking in the deep blue!

Want to experience it for yourself? Find out more here.

2 – Salalah, Southern Oman

Oman adventure camels

Located in Southern Oman, Salalah is one of Oman’s most amazing locations, especially in the summer months of the Khareef monsoon season. Despite being located in the brutally hot & humid Middle East, the monsoon season transforms this landscape into a lush, green paradise! Famed for its camels, banana plantations, and lush green landscape, it’s easy to feel like you are a world away from the rest of the country.

Intrigued by the wonders of Salalah? Find out more here.

3 – Wahiba Desert

oman adventure desert quad

It doesn’t feel like Arabia until you see the desert sands with your own eyes. It may be miles of only sand but is far from boring!
Whether you prefer blasting through the golden sand dunes in a 4×4 or on a quad bike, sliding down the slopes on a sand board, or swaying on the slower and more conventional mode of camel back, then the rolling dunes in Oman has something for everyone

Ready to hit those dunes? Find out more here.

4 – Wadi Adventures

Oman adventure locations

Oman has an abundance of truly amazing and natural adventure opportunities to explore. One of the most raved about is the different Wadis to explore in the region.

The word ‘wadi’ comes from the Arabic word for valley which is an accurate description with the extremely tall valley walls made out of stone; the paths that lead into the space often take you to the most amazing locations with crystal clear water pools for swimming and cooling off in the summer heat. Depending on your activity level, you can rock climb, abseil, rappel, and travel along the Via Ferrata systems.

Some of the best Wadi’s to explore are Wadi Shabi, Wadi Bani Khalid, and Wadi Awf (pictured and also known as Snake Canyon).

In search of a wadi adrenaline rush? Find out more here.



5 – Jebel Shams

001 Jebel Shams goat


The highest mountain in the Gulf region and also known as the ‘Mountain of Sun’, Jebel Shams is an incredible sight and recommended by ub-cool as a ‘must see’ with its impressive canyon which is a whopping 2,000m deep and 4,000m wide in some places.

If the vertigo isn’t enough for you then you can get your adventurous kicks with abseiling, Via Ferrata, rock climbing, and challenging mountain hikes.

Excited to visit Jebel Shams? Find out more here.

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