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ub-cool TALKS | Jason Black | No Mountain or Problem Too High

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Love listening to inspirational podcasts? You’re in luck! Tune in to our latest inspiring ub-cool TALKS podcast featuring Jason Black!
This Irish endurance athlete has climbed the biggest and most dangerous mountains in the world, set a World Record, and also cycled across countries unassisted! If that was not enough, he is also a professional speaker engaging audiences around the world.
Jason Black stopped in Oman on February 19th to give a brilliant talk at ub-cool TALKS. He tells of how he pushed himself from the gutter all the way up to the top of Mount Everest! After the TALK, he set off to cycle an incredible 1,000km unassisted in the BikingMan ultra-cycling race on February 25th.
Are you ready to be inspired? Listen!


Jason Black


Jason Black speaking at ub-cool TALKS | Photo Credit: Heather Duncan


Profession: Full-time endurance athlete based in Ireland
Achievements: In addition to climbing Mt Kilimanjaro (twice in a day!), Jason Black has taken on the biggest and most terrifying mountains on the planet. To name just a few, he has climbed:
  • K2 in Pakistan (2015)
  • Everest in Tibet/Nepal (2013)
  • Denali in Alaska (2014)
  • Elbrus in Russia (2016)
  • Aconcagua in South America (2016)
  • And, similar to Mt Kilimanjaro, Jason completed a double ascent of Aconcagua in 32 hours!


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