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Zero Waste Home

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Being aware of our impact on this planet is something that we should all be mindful of. This week we welcomed a woman who has made it her mission to inform and educate the masses on how to live a life with less waste & more mindfulness. Bea Johnson, the founder of the bestselling book ‘Zero Waste Home,’ joined us live in Muscat at the latest edition of ‘ub-cool TALKS‘.

Zero Waste Lifestyle

Bea has inspired a movement across the globe where people are more conscious to reduce needless waste in their lives – starting with the home environment and every day products. Making people aware of the unnecessary and harmful products that they encounter in their every day life and how their current methods of disposal can be causing a detrimental effect on the planet.

The New York Times declared her the “The Priestess of Waste-Free living”

Bea joined us on the second stop of her World Tour – 17 days in different countries including speaking events at Amazon & the United Nations.

Zero Waste Home tour dates

Refuse, Reduce, Reuse, Recycle, Rot

“Refuse, Reduce, Reuse, Recycle, Rot (and only in that order) is my family’s secret to living waste-free since 2008!”

Living by the 5 R’s, as she calls them, Bea has cut her waste and consumption in all areas of her life. A couple of examples she provides is how she has trimmed her wardrobe down to just 20% of what it previously was by creating a ‘capsule wardrobe.’ A compact collection of clothing which compliments each other and can be worn in a multitude of ways to reuse the same items again and again and reduce the need to buy more products. Bea is even preaching her ways from her make up bag. For instance, she substitutes her usual blusher and uses coco powder instead.


Tips to Create a Zero Waste Home:

  • Eliminate plastic shopping bags by using reusable bags
  • Put all food waste into a compost bin to make new soil
  • Donate all unused and unwanted clothes to those in need
  • Replace disposable paper towels and napkins with reusable cloth versions
  • Buy groceries in bulk to try and avoid extra packaging in single items
  • Get reusable water bottles & coffee cups and steer away from disposable cups and straws
  • Recycle where possible. From glass bottles to cardboard boxes, most communities offer a place to recycle

You may also find by switching to alternative products that you are not only helping the planet, but you may start to save money too!

Bea at ‘ub-cool TALKS’ in Muscat

On May 2nd, Bea Johnson inspired a packed room in Muscat, Oman, from youngsters to the elderly to examine their current lifestyle and adopt ways to reduce their waste.


Medina Ilyassova, the founder of ub-cool, with Bea Johnson (right) at ‘ub-cool TALKS’

Zero Waste Home cover

An inspired crowd at theUFC Gym in Muscat


What’s Next?

As Bea now heads off to continue her tour on Zero Waste Home in countries such as Macedonia, Slovakia, Albania and Romania, she has planted a seed in many heads of how they can now reduce the waste in their own homes and spread the message to their families.

Zero Waste Home book

You can find more about Zero Waste Home on her Webpage, Facebook and Instagram pages.

Thank you to UFC Gym Oman for allowing us to use their space for this event and the Environment Society of Oman for introducing us to this meaningful movement.

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